CAD/CAM Technical Design

This important sector is a great opportunity for NEC, in that all types of high resolution image technology and sizes are employed. The use of desktop displays in this industry has been established for many years, and teams of individual designers, engineers and experts will grab the first opportunity to work on a UHD desktop for their individual projects. These professionals will appreciate the improved productivity through more detail, better overviews and less zooming and panning. Large format displays will also offer a very cost effective alternative to hard copy printouts of design proposals on expensive large format printers. and finally, high resolution, life-like 1:1 scale UHD 3D animations on a projector will save large quantities of time and money in the automotive industry, which would otherwise require expensive handmade clay or plaster mock-ups.

  • Expansive workspace with large amount of visible detail and full scale viewing
  • High richness of detail, pixels not visible
  • Large amounts of viewable data
  • High richness of detail, pixel-free
  • Multiple windows e.g. 4 x Full HD
  • 24/7 operational performance

Control Room

There is high interest from control room and command & control centers, in which critical processes and situations need to be reliably displayed, and quickly understood by the observer. The NEC 4K UHD displays offer a perfect and unique capability of high visual bandwidth, 24/7 reliability, maintenance-free projection solutions up to 20,000 hours and color-accurate pixel-free viewing that gives confidence in understanding complex processes, identifying any anomalies or developing situations and taking important executive decisions. a typical command and control center has a diverse need for display requirements such as showing four FHD sources on one display, and NEC's unique portfolio can meet the demands for individual desktop displays to group-discussions requiring identical 4K UHD screen content in large format or projection modalities.


In the world of simulation the closer one gets to observing "reality" the better. Pixel-free imaging from many different positions gives the feeling and freedom of operating in the real world. Immersive environments allow participants to have heightened experiences and forget about artificial digital interfaces and technological barriers. The latest NEC projector solutions also offer intelligent light source power control, which enables use of projectors for day and night simulation.

  • Extremely high contrast is required for night simulation
  • Expansive workspace with large amount of visible detail
  • Precision representation of UHD or Full HD

Video Conferencing

The video-conferencing experience is improved when observing "reality". Many video-conferencing facilities are ruined by pixelated images and noise, with users losing concentration on the subject matter at hand, and focusing instead on the technical limitations of the imaging solution. The new NEC 4K UHD video-conferencing displays truly offer an opportunity to deeply relate to the person on the "other side", and engage in productive and constructive communication for real mutual commercial benefit. On a 70-inch or larger display, the image processing means that even a FHD image will look smoother and more realistic on the UHD resolution.

Digital Cinema

In the entertainment world, the latest 4K digital cinema configurations allow even the audience members closest to the screen, in the first few rows, to enjoy a real-life image, without visible or annoying pixels. any cinema owner knows that the front few rows are not necessarily the first choice for visiting customers. With NEC's latest 4K SSL digital cinema products, cinema owners can confidently fill 100 percent of their auditorium with 100 percent satisfied customers! Furthermore, the powerful 4K SSL projectors are the ideal platform for premium large screen cinemas with a screen width of 66 feet or more.

  • Large screen 4K solutions
  • Outstanding image and color quality
  • Virtual reality experience
  • Large amounts of visual information
  • High richness of detail, no motion blur
  • accurate color reproduction
  • Defined and accurate color space


Post-processing or proofing processes in creative sectors demands simply outstanding imaging display technology. These requirements can only be fulfilled with highly accurate color calibrated 4k UHD IPS desktop displays.
as well as offering the appropriate pixel-free viewing of 4K UHD images, the latest clean LED backlighting, 3D LUT technology for accurate color gamut simulation of different color environments and cinema photographic equipment, the NEC 4K UHD desktop displays also offer 14-bit LUT hardware calibration for the smoothest and most accurate color renditions.
Image post-processing on these NEC displays is the only way to guarantee viewer satisfaction, and the promise of seeing precisely the still image or moving video as the creative artist or director intended.

Rental & Staging

In many high-profile staging, exhibition, live or TV studio events, large format displays or projector screens are deployed to provide important information or create a specific atmosphere and ambience, with colorful motifs, logos, designs etc. These exciting visual displays very often get filmed or photographed, and on those cases in which a camera is too close to a display, the captured image will suffer interference effects caused by the low resolution of the display. 4K UHD displays and projectors are more resistant to unpleasant interference effects due to the smaller size of the individual pixels. Due to the larger size of most 4K UHD large format displays and projectors, the ideal viewing distance from the screen is effectively extended, allowing both long distance and proximity viewing. These welcome improvements will really assist the further adoption of 4K UHD displays in exciting rental staging events.

  • Best image quality (High Res)
  • Easy signal handling (PIP) + easy set up
  • Constant brightness and colors
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