CHICAGO, March 26, 2019
New ALP Pro leverages AI to deliver timely and relevant content for customers as well as provide enhanced metrics

NEC Display Solutions of America, Inc., a leading provider of commercial-grade digital signage solutions, today announced the evolution of its powerful business intelligence analytics platform for retailers that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to deliver real-time content and data measurement. The NEC Analytics Learning Platform (ALP) Pro optimizes message delivery with automated content creation and recommendations for targeted customers using AI-based analytics, enabling retailers to customize their content based on age, gender, events, and weather. NEC ALP Pro is on display this week at the Digital Signage Expo, taking place in Las Vegas through March 29.

"With NEC ALP Pro we've focused on building a forward thinking, future-ready analytics platform for our customers that enables them to make informed decisions to improve store performance and meet their goals," said Richard Ventura, Vice President of Strategy, NEC Display Solutions of America. "ALP Pro is a completely unique platform that leverages the power of AI to automatically deliver optimized messaging, including being able to measure customer wait times and trigger content, as well as provide a deeper level of analytics to evaluate message performance."

NEC ALP Pro optimizes message delivery by automatically setting and recommending rules for target ads depending on non-identifying demographic data such as age, gender, events, and even weather. In addition, ALP Pro can also create and recommend content automatically for targeted segment shoppers by analyzing retailers' merchandise photos and videos.

"By combining ALP Pro's powerful data analytics platform, we're able to take the guesswork out of delivering content," Ventura said. "ALP Pro ensures retailers' content and messages are delivered to shoppers at the optimal moment to influence purchasing decisions, fueling intent and driving sales conversions."

"ALP Pro can provide message viewer rates and message efficiency rates so retailers know exactly how impactful their ad campaigns are," Ventura said. "Together with store performance data and variance reporting, ALP Pro delivers clearer and more actionable analytics and metrics."

As a complete platform, NEC ALP Pro consists of hardware, software, cloud services, managed services, and big data analytics – as well as consulting, customized software, content creation, installation, and 24/7 support. Locally in-store, the platform consists of an edge computing appliance, cameras, and sensors. The system is designed with full API integration into key digital signage content management systems (CMS), allowing it to deliver and trigger content onto different media player platforms. The triggered content is then displayed on NEC Display large- or small-format displays.

"With NEC ALP Pro, we're using AI combined with analytics to change how digital signage is used in retail," Ventura said. "That's why we've integrated several partners to deliver a comprehensive, business intelligence platform."

ALP Pro integrates technology from Data Call™ for weather and location-based data, Sophatar™ for PoS integration and AI powered insights from Oculus360™. In addition, ALP Pro is also integrated into the BrightSign™ platform, NAVORI™, StratosMedia™, and Signagelive™ content management systems (CMS), and Microsoft Azure™ and Intel™ for infrastructure. The platform uses NEC EVATM for anonymous video analytics.

NEC ALP Pro is available beginning in July. For a hands-on demonstration, please visit NEC Display at booth #2300 of the Digital Signage Expo, taking place this week in Las Vegas through March 29 at the Las Vegas Convention Center. For additional information, please contact your NEC Display sales representative or

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