NEC Display Launches New MediaPlayer Powered by Raspberry Pi
CHICAGO – Sept. 1, 2020
Modular NEC MediaPlayer delivers effortless performance, multimedia management and a future-proofed signage solution
NEC Display Launches New MediaPlayer Powered by Raspberry Pi

NEC Display Solutions, has unveiled its latest MediaPlayer for its digital signage solutions. The MediaPlayer software comes pre-installed on NEC´s Raspberry Pi Compute Module at no additional charge, delivering easy set-up and operation, powerful ‘out-of-the-box’ performance and customization that’s ideal for digital display boards in retail, digital menu boards, leisure and corporate communication applications.

The MediaPlayer represents an intuitive plug and play digital signage solution that’s easy to install and customize. With NEC´s MediaPlayer, the latest, immersive real-time visual experiences are now faster and easier to set up, showing target audiences dynamic, up-to-date information and advertising.

This modular SoC MediaPlayer solution can simply be integrated inside any compatible NEC display offering the Raspberry Pi slot. It enables the smooth, remote operation of setups with individual as well as multiple screens supported by browser-based playlist and content distribution as well centralized device management. Organizations can choose various media formats and web content via the browser for all kinds of demands.

“A key feature of our new MediaPlayer is its ability to operate as a hub for partner companies to allow the user a smooth installation of the supported CMS systems – directly from our MediaPlayer,” said Chris Feldman, Product Manager at NEC Display Solutions of America. “As requirements and markets change, we can even extend its functionality and enhance performance. This can be done without the need to alter the base infrastructure of the signage solution.”

“The NEC MediaPlayer is easy to install, exchange and upgrade.” said Art Marshall, Product Line Manager at NEC Display Solutions. “The software is designed to allow the further addition of third-party applications and integration with their solutions. It perfectly complements our modular SoC and computing philosophy. It’s an out-of-the-box solution that’s built to last and grow alongside our corporate ambition and the constantly evolving needs of our customers. Non-experts as well as experienced installers will benefit from the ease and reliability of our system.”   

“The credit card-sized Raspberry Pi is seeing increased adoption among business users, and has found its way into a wide variety of industrial and professional applications, such as production automation and point-of-sale. The new NEC MediaPlayer embraces simplicity and open design, which aligns perfectly with the Raspberry Pi philosophy,” said Eben Upton, Chief Executive, Raspberry Pi Trading. “The underlying architecture of Raspberry Pi is designed for simplicity, scalability and customization. The barrier for entry is low, and there is almost no limit to what you can achieve.”

The NEC MediaPlayer comes pre-installed on the Raspberry Pi CM3+ offered by NEC Display Solutions. Starting in October 2020, all NEC –MPi bundles will be offered consisting of NEC V series 40”-98” and C series 65”-98”, which include the Raspberry Pi CM3+ with 32GB internal memory with MediaPlayer pre-installed.

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