CHICAGO - September 13, 2010
MultiSync® EA222WMe Receives TCO Certified Edge Award for Groundbreaking Achievements in Environmental Design
NEC Display Solutions of America, a leading provider of commercial LCD display and projector solutions, announced today its recognition of the TCO Certified Edge award for its achievement in eliminating halogens in its 22-inch MultiSync EA222WMe LED-backlit monitor.

Since 1995, the TCO Certified program has supported the production of hazardous-free electronics. Halogens are a proven hazard to human health and the deterioration of the environment and pose substantial risks. TCO has worked closely with its industry partners to find viable alternatives that maintain the safety features otherwise provided by halogenated content. The MultiSync EA222WMe is among the first electronic products to be manufactured completely free from halogens such as bromine and chlorine, which are used to prevent electrical fires.

""The fact that we are now able to announce a product that has eliminated the halogens chlorine and bromine completely is a huge step in creating greater sustainability in the design of PC products — which is the main objective of the TCO Certified program,"" said Soren Enholm, CEO of TCO Development. ""By working closely with industry and other stakeholders, we now see the result of many years effort to find alternative materials that are less hazardous to the earth and human health, while still retaining the fire safety assurance that users demand. This is exactly what the TCO Certified program is designed to do, and we applaud NEC on its efforts to reach this landmark.""

""We are honored to accept this worldwide recognition from TCO Development and lead the industry with innovative technologies that benefit both customers and the environment,"" said Lynn Gu, Product Manager at NEC Display Solutions of America. ""It is the continuous goal of NEC to comply with the strict requirements for superior efficiency and environment-friendly materials. The MultiSync EA222WMe's achievement today furthers the common goal of NEC and TCO Development for a sustainable future in computer hardware and captures NEC's commitment to offering the most advanced technologies that reform the way IT professionals interact with products.""

The MultiSync EA222WMe is a 22-inch desktop LCD monitor that offers abundant green features to users in business, education, government and healthcare environments. Its LED backlighting technology provides the same amount of brightness as other panel types while using 20% less power. Compared to previous generation NEC LCDs, the EA222WMe consumes up to 52% less power, radiates up to 61% less heat, weighs up to 25% less and uses up to15% less packaging. The monitor and cables in this eco-friendly display are free of mercury, halogen and arsenic, and the model is compliant with ENERGY STAR 5.0 and TCO 5.0 and is registered EPEATTM Gold in the U.S. and Canada, which solidifies its status as the most energy-efficient desktop monitor currently offered by NEC.

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TCO Certified is a third party certification for high performance ICT products that are also designed for minimal environmental impact. Since 1992 the TCO certification program has had a significant influence on improved image quality and ergonomics for displays, as well as the reduction of electromagnetic emissions from ICT products. Energy efficiency and reduced usage of hazardous substances are also key aspects of the TCO Certification. Products covered by the TCO certification program are notebook, desktops and all in one PCs, computer displays, phone headsets and projectors. TCO Certified makes it easy to choose technology designed for both high usability and the environment. TCO Development, the company behind TCO Certified, is headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, with regional presence in Asia and North America. For more information see

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