NEC Display Solutions Introduces Solar-Powered Battery Package for Renewable-Power Capability Monitors
CHICAGO, January 4, 2007
NEC Display Solutions Introduces Solar-Powered Battery Package for Renewable-Power Capability Monitors
Continuing its recognized environmental leadership in the electronics industry, NEC Display Solutions of America, the leading stand-alone provider of flat panel desktop displays, today announced a solar-powered system for use with all its monitors. In conjunction with Carmanah® Technologies Corporation, one of the fastest growing renewable and energy-efficient technology manufacturers in the world, NEC is the first display company to offer a solar-powered system for all of its monitors.

The solar-powered system is designed to produce approximately 293 kilowatt hours of electricity per year, or 800 watts per day *. By running a display monitor off solar power, the need for standard electricity, which is produced by means of non-renewable energy sources, will be significantly reduced and, in some cases, nearly eliminated. Large companies could realize substantial energy savings from the solar-powered battery packages and could potentially save thousands of dollars each year in electricity costs, while also reducing harmful pollutants, which are produced when using non-renewable generated electricity.

“Working in the LCD display industry is a new project for Carmanah, and we are excited to work with NEC Display Solutions in this joint venture on new energy-saving technologies,” said Mark Spilsbury, Account Manager for Carmanah.

Saved solar energy can last for days of normal usage when running a typical LCD monitor. Multiple monitors can be run simultaneously; however, the run time of a battery would vary depending on usage and the number of devices drawing on the power.

“Using solar power not only significantly reduces electricity costs, but it also reduces environmentally harmful emissions,” said Richard Atanus, Vice President of Engineering, Technical and Environmental Services for NEC Display Solutions. “Plus, with the batteries having a life expectancy of over 20 years, depending on the number of cycle times, and a panel life of 50 or more years, the investment return is considerable.”

The full solar-power package includes the following:
• 2 x EV-120 - Evergreen 120 Watt Solar Panel
• 3 x EX-1000 - Extreme 12V, Deep Cycle Solar Battery - 100 AHr
• 1 x GPR-25 - Go Power! 25 Amp Digital Charge Controller
• 1 x GP-SW150-12 - Go Power! Pure Sine Wave 150 Watt Inverter 12 Volt
• 1 x GPSC-12-10A - Go Power! 10 Amp Smart Battery Charger
• 1 x Battery/Solar Wire & Misc.
All NEC LCD displays are RoHS (Restriction on Hazardous Substances) compliant, containing fully disposable plastics and minimal amounts of hazardous materials, such as lead, hex-chrome, cadmium, mercury, PBDE and PBB. Orders for the entire solar-powered battery package are available for immediate delivery.

*Note: Generated power and usage will depend on solar cells placement, amount of sun light provided to the solar panels, and type of display connected to the solar-powered system.

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