CHICAGO - November 1, 2007
Dual-Display Desktop LCDs Deliver 45 Percent More Desktop Space, Increased Productivity Gains
NEC Display Solutions of America, a leading stand-alone provider of LCD desktop and commercial large-screen LCDs, plasma displays and projectors, announced today its new dual-display desktop LCD product bundle. The new desktop solution includes two NEC 19-inch MultiSync LCD195VX+ displays and Matrox’s DualHead2Go Graphics eXpansion Module (GXM), an external multi-display upgrade.

With a sizable increase in desktop workspace, the new dual-display workstation promises to deliver increased productivity and greater efficiency. The simple setup process makes the NEC-Matrox bundle package ideal for entry-level users looking for an innovative desktop solution at a value price.

"The NEC-Matrox bundle makes it easier than ever for business users to experience the benefits of dual-display computing," said Lynn Gu, Product Manager for NEC Display Solutions. "With thinner bezels and an easy to set up GXM, this new offering delivers value and productivity right out of the box."

The dual-display setup enables users to enjoy increased usability and productivity as the configuration generates 45 percent more desktop area than a single 19-inch display. A 2002 user study at the University of Utah found significant productivity benefits from dual-display computing. The study, in conjunction with NEC and ATI Technologies, showed users having a reported 10 percent average in increased productivity and 33 percent fewer errors, since content was easily spread across multiple displays from a single workstation, allowing them to have multiple applications open simultaneously.

Other organizations have documented the benefits they have experienced using dual- or multiple-desktop displays:

  •, an internationally acclaimed business Web site, noticed a 50 percent reduction in its editorial production times after deploying dual monitors on the desks of their copy editors
  • Software Spectrum, a Texas-based mobility software solutions company, saw its customer care representatives able to view several application windows simultaneously, minimizing the amount of scrolling, navigating and printing they had to do in order to access and view the information pertinent to the customer files with which they were working

The thin bezels of the NEC LCD displays create an almost seamless transition from one display to the other, while the Matrox GXM makes the resolution and dual-display setup a snap.

The new MultiSync LCD195VX+BK-DA bundle includes the following features:

  • Dual-display and Matrox DualHead2Go Analog Edition (3 units in 1 shipment)
  • Space-saving palm-sized Graphics eXpansion Module
  • Cable management to prevent clutter
  • Exceptional screen performance with a 600:1 contrast ratio
  • NaViSet™ software, which provides a graphical user interface, allowing users to adjust On Screen Manager (OSM®) display settings via mouse and keyboard
  • No Touch Auto Adjust™, which eliminates the hassle of adjusting screen controls when connecting displays to a new system
  • Ambix® dual input technology for analog and digital connectivity
  • Rapid Response™ technology (5ms), which delivers virtually uninterrupted, undistorted viewing of high-speed, full-motion video
  • Height-adjustable stand with tilt for desired viewing comfort
  • Black, stylish, space-saving cabinet design
  • 3 years of service and support on LCDs, up to 5 years total with additional purchase of extended warranties
  • 2 years of service and support for Matrox DualHead2Go GXM

The dual-display configuration, complete with DualHead2Go GXM, is now available for shipping at an estimated street price of $699.99. Purchases can be made at all NEC distributors as well as all NEC direct resellers.

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