CHICAGO - November 8, 2007
NEC's MultiSync LCD4020s Help Deliver Targeted Content, Vital Information To Veterinary Hospital Waiting Rooms
When emebaVet, a California-based digital signage solution provider, began ambitious plans to install 1,000 veterinary hospital waiting rooms nationwide with a pet information and education network, it turned to NEC Display Solutions of America. As a leading stand-alone provider of commercial and residential LCD, plasma and projector displays, and a pioneer in advanced digital signage solutions, NEC announced today that it is supplying emebaVet with two 40-inch NEC MultiSync LCD4020 displays for each location.

emebaVet, which aims to complete 200 clinic lobby installations by the end of 2007, discovered that the average wait time in a single-doctor veterinary clinic is 17 minutes. Because the waiting room represented a captive, targeted audience, emebaVet wanted to create a digital signage network to deliver information and education-based content to waiting pet owners. Working closely with veterinarians, the company developed customized signage content for each clinic in order to enhance the pet owner-veterinarian relationship.

"With a captive audience, we want to make sure the content isn't boring or irrelevant," said Dave Titchenal, Principal of emebaVet. "We're really proud that everything we produce is not only informative, but in HD (High Definition) as well because the images look gorgeous on the NEC displays."

Using an IP-based connection, images containing general clinic information, doctor biographies, animal trivia, and pet health tips rotate through a continuous loop. Localized news, weather, targeted advertising and entertainment also are displayed in the mix.

"NEC's MultiSync LCD4020 displays are specifically designed for unique digital signage applications, such as emebaVet’s," said Hans Baumann, Senior Product Manager for NEC Display Solutions. "The 20 Series of commercial-grade LCDs bring together best-in-class computing-monitor technology with cutting-edge video display technology to deliver an unsurpassed viewing experience no matter the content, input or environment."

"After thoroughly reviewing NEC's products and pricing, we made the decision to use NEC’s LCD displays for the future of our expansion," said Titchenal. "Right now, I could not be happier. The picture is better than the other displays we looked at, so we’re extremely happy with the switch to NEC."

Proof that emebaVet's new customized content network has been well-received by veterinarians and lobby guests alike is seen in its 200 percent increase in sales. emebaVet's digital signage project is installed in 150 clinics nationwide, and it projects that number to increase to 200 by the end of 2007 and 1,000 by the end of 2008.

"The presence of emebaVet programming in our practice enhances our lobby environment and client experience," said Julia Gelt, Manager of Public Relations at the Veterinary Specialty Hospital in San Diego, Calif. "It creates a comfortable, entertaining waiting area while communicating key aspects of our hospital, services, and medical staff."

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