Back Office
The operational heartbeat

The operational heartbeat


Creating the ultimate cinematic experience which will keep your customers returning again and again does not just happen by chance! The heartbeat of the operation, the back office, might not be one of the public entertainment areas, but it is no less important in terms of the smooth operation which will directly influence public perception. Everything that supports the satisfaction of the cinema-goer has been planned and set-up in the back office – this is why it is so important to ensure operational excellence in this area. Cinema operation includes office tasks such as film scheduling, content planning and administrative work which require a visual interface to the computing device. When staff are working for long periods in front of the screen it is imperative to safeguard their comfort and well-being in the workplace.

Intelligent features and smart selection of components supports highest productivity and efficient multi-tasking in the back office area. This ensures the lowest operational cost, high user satisfaction as well as operational safety.

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