Color Critical White Papers

Calibration: Hardware vs Software

What you need to know about hardware and software calibration and which is right for you.

Why calibration is necessary
Why calibration is necessary

No one with color managed workflows can afford to make mistakes when it comes to color. With this NEC infographic, you'll understand why calibration is an important issue.

When Perfect Color is Job Critical

Professionals in a wide range of industries need absolute assurance that what they see on their monitor screens will be the exact same color that appears in print, on a TV, billboard or any other medium. Color capabilities of monitors and computers vary greatly. Only high-quality monitors designed for color critical performance can meet the challenge, but that not the end of the story. Read on for more information about how to obtain optimal color.

Low Blue Light and Flicker Free Certifications Are Important

LED monitors may have brought better image quality, but they also introduced flickering as a side effect of managing brightness. NEC offers many models with low blue light and flicker free certifications, as they have become increasingly important.

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